Two Missed Freethrows: One amazing friendship
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Amir and Hassan had one thing keeping them apart as friends, that was the fact that Hassan was a Hazzara. If you weren't a Hazzara it was frowned upon to be friends with one. That was the thing that got in the way. The video on the other hand shows how a different school and a different society came together to help someone in need. Instead of taking that shot and making it, they chose to miss it so it would be a fair game. Amir on the other hand, desided to run away instead of stick up for someone he considered his friend. He would much rather let someone get hurt, then to get in trouble and lose the respect of his father. The teenagers in the video, would rather take the consequences of losing the game, rather then taking an unfair shot.

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Kite Runner relates a lot to our American society. When we do something wrong we think the easiest way to get out of it is run, and keep it a secret. Amir did this exact thing. He watched Hassan get raped, ran away and told no one. He would rather have his Hazzara friend get raped then to lose the respect and even the love of his father. We also tend to lie to help ourselves. We would hate to lose the respsect of our friends if we did something like watching someone getting raped or witnessing a murder.

The article above tells us how the Taliban are cruel to women. If a woman leaves the house with out a male member of her family, she gets stoned. This was represented in The Kite Runner by Khaled Housseni. In the middle of the soccer game the Taliban brought out a male and female. They made them bend dowm and they stoned them to death. The Taliban owned that society. The reason they were there was to save the society, instead they turned it into a society no one wants to be apart of.

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The video above shows a different method of beating women. Instead of stoning her they wipped her till she was released her to her brother.